You Eat What You Touch

On: October 3, 2013
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Ever since we were little, we’ve heard the question, “Did you wash your hands?” Whether it was our parents when we sat down at the dinner table, or our teacher after doing an art project. We all know the importance of washing our hands, but people often skip out on the idea or do it with such haste that the act is worthless anyway. Perhaps this ad campaign will change your mind…

Lifebuoy, the world’s leading health soap brand, created a series of print ads that stress the importance of washing your hands. The photography and well, Photoshop work in these ads is eye catching and impactful. In addition, the one line of type in the ad, “You eat what you touch.” only drives home the message that much more.

No, I’m not trying to lecture you on the importance of good hygiene habits… just educate you on the importance of great advertising!

Wash_02  Wash_04

Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer

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