Why Your Website is Always a Work in Progress

On: April 30, 2014
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You just got your website redone or even a new one launched.  Now you can sit back and relax!  Wrong!  News flash, your website will never be finished.  You need to constantly add updates and keep it current.   Here are three reasons why you should never stop reviewing and revising your website:

  1. Web design trends are constantly evolving otherwise you wouldn’t be looking out-of-date a few years from now or when you last re-did your website.   These changes are often driven by technology advancements especially in the area of responsive design which means the site responds to the variety of screens that people are using to view websites.   Today companies are favoring the single, responsive website instead of having different sites for different devices.
  2. Consumer preferences are changing and they expect specific things from websites than they did even two years ago. Rich content, high resolution photos and high definition videos are the norm. If you site currently does not have these features. Change them quick!
  3. Search engine optimization rules – Google’s search algorithms are updated constantly so make sure you doing the following to help in your rankings:
    1. Create content that people want to share with others
    2. Keep with design trends that are fresh and attractive
    3. Attract inbound links with relevant websites
    4. Update content on regular basis through your blog or press related section.

Katrina Noble

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