When is a good time to post on Facebook

On: April 23, 2014
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While there is no best time to post, studies have shown that more than half of Facebook users access their pages when they are not at work or school. Many others are checking their social media sites on their way to and from work hopefully not while they are driving! The best time to post is when your audience will see it and that will be unique to you and your business.
Some good times to post:
1. Early morning
2. During work hours of 9am to 5pm
3. Hours between 6pm – 8pm (between dinner hours)
4. After dinner
5. Bedtime
6. Weekends
To analyze numbers to determine if past posting times worked, use these steps for using Facebook insights.
Export the “post level” data form Facebook insights for your preferred time period
Open the Post level data in Excel within the Lifetime Post stores by action tab and delete all columns except D, H, I, J and K.
Katrina Noble
Media Director


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