What to know about trends in video marketing

On: November 24, 2020
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If you are not already using video in your marketing, you will want to think about adding it in 2021.  It is estimated that consumers will spend more daily minutes watching video over the next few years than ever before.  For marketers, video is becoming a way to drive engagement.  So what do you need to know about trends in this area?  We’ve outlined a list below to start you thinking!

Use of personalized video – personalization is a key strategy for improving the quality of your leads since 72% of consumers say they will only engage with marketing messages that are personalized.  Having a message that is targeted to your target consumer that provides a solution will increase your ability to build a relationship with them.   Make sure you are targeting your service or product to the right audience.

Long form videos – shorter attention spans have resulted in shorter videos since they are easy to consume especially on social media where people are scrolling through content.  The downside is that they fail to allow brands to form any type of emototional connection or tell a story and are therefore less memorable.   Rearch has shown that videos over 5 mintues resulted in 50% of audience engagement.   So don’t get stuck thinking anything longer than :15 seconds won’t get viewed.

The 360 degree video – People can now view 360 degree videso with their smart devices.  This format will help your brand stand out from the competition ca can help deliver a greater ROI than the regualar format.  This format allows people to buy into the experience, has longer watch times and helps build awarness.  If you put the customer as the focus of the story, you will see greater engagement. 

The beauty of video is that consumers can quickly digest content and videos are useful in answering questions, providing information, and starting relationships with prospects.  Think beyond just placing them on your social media channels.  They are effective across all digital platforms and will assist you in remaining competitive. 

Contact us if you are interested in video marketing for your company at 520-745-8221.  We will make sure you have the right message delivered to the right people! 


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