The Importance of Having a Benefit based Customer Focus

On: August 27, 2013
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Begin evaluating every corporate task, policy and strategy relative to the actual amount of benefit the customer will receive. If an action does not directly benefit your customer, why are you doing it?

This is another way of measuring whether you should do something at all. If reorganizing the telephone staffing actually benefits the customer calling in, then do it. But if it only benefits the internal perception of the operations department, why are you wasting effort, time, and precious resources on an activity that produces no benefit for the customer.

Always ask yourself; if I were a customer would I see this as a tangible benefit valuable enough to for me to invest my time and money in? If so, then it might be an avenue to explore, but if it doesn’t even motivate you to an action, why would it stimulate a customer to part with their money?  

Katrina Noble

Media Director


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