Skit Happens

On: October 10, 2013
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I am currently moving into my new house and am finding myself constantly doing things I’ve never done before… ya know like putter together furniture? (Yeah, graphic designer here… NOT carpenter!) Anyways, no matter how much you deny it, I know you’ve been in the same situation as me where you’re looking at the instructions and the pieces you see in front of you just aren’t working the same way. Ooooor you have your finished product and ooops, there are a couple extra screws you never used!

Well, IKEA knows people like us are out there… and unfortunately, they have targeted us! In an ad campaign they put out earlier this year, IKEA promoted their assembly service team. With intrigueing optical illusions created with their own furniture, they created thought provoking ads that are simple yet effective. No tagline needed… just the web address for their assembly service team. You gotta love the name of the campaign too… Skit Happens.


Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer

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