How to use your “welcome email”

On: March 26, 2014
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Email is a great way to build relationships with your customers and an acknowledgement from you at the start of the process is a great way to begin. If a person has signed up for your email newsletters they obviously have interest in your company and what you have to say ~ thank them for it.

Statistically “welcome emails” secure a 50% open rate yet only 58% of companies greet these new subscribers with a welcome message. By not sending a welcome email, you’re company is missing out on a key part of the email marketing strategy. To streamline the process, set up an automated welcome series if you are unable to answer each one personally.

Be sure your welcome messages connect with your audience, captures their interest and sets expectations for future communication from your company.

In addition to above, your welcome message can include coupons, provide links to your company’s social media sites and a confirmation link to your email to help pave the way for a long term relationship with your customers.

Happy emailing!

Katrina Noble

Media Director


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