How Hiring a PR Team Can Help Professional Athletes

On: May 4, 2016
In: Public Relations
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In today’s world, social media is a vital part of most people’s lives. Tweeting, posting pictures, and updating statuses come as second nature to many people, including professional athletes. Professional athletes are now in the spotlight more than ever, so it is important for them to keep a favorable image to the public.


Rather than merely having a presence on the field or the court, athletes today are everywhere. They can be found front and center on reality shows, social media websites, and magazines and news sources. Athletes are becoming celebrities, with their every move followed by paparazzi and tweeted about by spectators.


Because of their growing fame and the popularity of social media, it is important that athletes hire a PR team to help them keep their image. PR teams can help athletes to seem more marketable which can lead them to better outside revenue generating opportunities. Along with catching the attention of corporate sponsors and endorsers, a successful PR team can get athletes recognized for all of the right things. Rather than having people focus on what nightclubs Cameron Newton was at last night, or who Derek Jeter was on vacation with, a PR team can steer the focus to philanthropic things that athletes are doing such as charity events and community service.


Athlete PR teams are great when it comes to media. A strong team will train an athlete on how to talk to the press properly and how to use media outlets in a way that is beneficial to them. The media can be overwhelming especially when an athlete seems as though he or she is drowning in it, so it is imperative that a PR team teaches the athlete which media opportunities are good and which are not worth their time. On the other side of media, social media accounts are huge and can be detrimental to a reputation if not handled correctly. It is important that athletes stay true to themselves on their personal accounts, but it is equally as important that they remember who is watching. A PR team can create a strategy for an athlete to continuously engage their fans while building a strong following for the right reasons.


Athletes are presented with a challenge. They reap the benefits but also the dangers of fame. Being in the ‘talk of the town’ will potentially bring money to athletes, but it also makes them vulnerable to the public. It is important that athletes who are constantly in the spotlight find a PR team who can make them look good to the public, while understanding who they are and not trying to present them to the public as someone that they are not.


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