Guide to Email Marketing

On: August 10, 2017
In: Email Campaigns, Marketing
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It is important to have the right strategy for your email marketing to see a better return on your investment. You shouldn’t be sending emails just to send an email. Send emails that are going to be valuable to your target audience and will strengthen your relationship with them.

Here are some tips to put into practice:

  • Know you audience and how they prefer to be spoken to (formal, informal)
  • Build your own list through sign ups on your website, blog, contact forms with opt-in info instead of purchasing a list
  • Include a welcome email for all new subscribers to confirm permission
  • Segment your messages towards specific audiences
  • Make sure your copy is clear and concise to meet short attention spans
  • Check image to text ratio to ensure your text version will support HTML emails
  • Offer subscribers something of value (industry tips, coupon, etc.)
  • Make sure you have a call to action so subscribers know what they need to do
  • Do not have a “no reply” email address- you want to encourage 2 way conversations
  • Review metrics for open rates and clicks to determine what worked and what didn’t to adjust accordingly

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