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On: April 25, 2013
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I don’t know about you, but when I’m stressed out I find it hard to be creative. In our line of work, we can’t afford to have these distractions because creativity is what being a designer is all about!

I recently started taking steps in my own life to reduce stress… I found that things such as family life and health issues can be significant stressers, but so can the place where you spend most of your waking hours – your office. I began looking at my own office and thinking about the things I can do to help make my workspace a more relaxing and stress-free place.

Here are a few tips to de-stressing your workspace:

Studies show that colors in your surrounding can impact your mood, so whether
you’re painting an accent wall in your office or choosing art to hang up, choose
your colors wisely! Stick to brighter and more cheerful hues (such as yellows, oranges
and lime greens) because they tend to make you feel more joyful. Shy away from
darker colors (such as blue) because they tend to make you feel more somber
or serious.

The more your office feels like you, the happier you will be. Bring in photos of family,
friends or even your pets! Create your own artwork for the space – you can even
include inspirational sayings in your art. Another personal touch to add to your
zen-like workspace is to hang artwork of places you’ve visited or places you’d
like to go.

Surround yourself with living object, such as live plants, flowers or fish. These items
help create a peaceful and more energetic environment. (You can see the new
addition to my office in the picture above – my new Crown Tail Betta Fish…
his name is Pantone.)

We’ve all had that rocky relationship or the one that ended badly, but your desk
shouldn’t be a place to remind you of that! Get rid of pictures of your ex… you don’t
need the distraction! Also, keep items like fake or dead things (such as silk or dried
flowers) to a minimum as the kill positive energy.

Piles of papers, stacks of files, and junk all over the place can knock out good
energy and make a space feel chaotic. (I’m stressed out just thinking about it!)
Keep your mess behind closed doors such as a file cabinet or make friends with
your trash can and just get rid of the stuff that’s not necessary. Keeping clutter
out of sight helps you think more positively and be more creative!

Good luck in your mission to de-stress your workspace! Whether you try just one or all of these tips, I hope it helps you say goodbye to stress and hello to creativity!

Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer


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