• Using Video in your Marketing Plan

    On: June 5, 2020
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    According to research, videos receive an over whelming 80% of views compared to their counterparts and are quickly becoming the highest form of all internet traffic.  More marketers are starting to take advantage of this engaging medium.

    Here are types of videos for consideration to promote your product or service:

    • The live video- live streaming is popular with companies that host webinars, especially this year. It is a great opportunity to teach and/or show your service to others.
    • Social media video- posting a video as part of your social media campaign has proven to give you better results than with a static ad. This video form is also a great way to promote your event while you are there.
    • Training videos – viewers enjoy this type of video because they can re-watch it as many times as they need to understand how to accomplish the task at hand. If you have a product that is complex, these videos will help teach the consumer how it works.
    • Brand videos – these can include testimonials from customers touting your product or service; showcasing your company and values; employee training videos
    • Video stories – used by over 77% of marketers on social media they are short and candid videos of stories related to your business

    There are plenty of options to choose from as well as tools and information to create high quality video content for your business for a reasonable cost.  What are you waiting for?

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  • 7 Marketing Trends to Watch

    On: April 2, 2018
    In: Marketing, Online marketing, Social Media
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    There is so much research and studies on all the latest and greatest marketing tools, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to pay attention to.

    Here is what we think are the ones to watch:

    1. Video Marketing – video keeps growing each year as companies continue to incorporate it into their customer experience. Video marketing is projected to account for 80% of total internet traffic by 2020 so jump on the bandwagon!
    2. Storytelling – we all love a good story so it is easy to see why brands are focusing on crafting stories as part of their digital marketing strategy. Marketers are switching from social media being a traffic generation channel to a customer engagement channel.
    3. Social Media Costs Rising – Advertisers much invest dollars on social media channels in order to have any traction. With more advertisers on each social media platform, the cost is rising and forcing advertisers to choose between adding to social media budgets and finding other channels to drive brand awareness.
    4. Chat bots – people no longer have to be waiting for customer service thanks to chat bots and their AI powered live chat tools. Expect to see more companies embrace this technology to improve their customer service.
    5. User Generated Content – you are more likely to trust another person’s opinion over a celebrity endorsement which is why adding testimonials and reviews to your website is a must.
    6. Interactive Content – your content strategy should include quizzes, polls and videos for interactive content.

    Sources: Smartinsights.com

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  • What you should know about posting pictures on Facebook

    On: November 16, 2017
    In: Photography, Social Media
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    Everyone likes sharing photos on Facebook, but posting photos that you don’t own or includes other people comes with specific responsibilities both ethically and legally.

    Copyright Infringement

    Photos automatically belong to the person who took them. The photographer, not the camera owner owns the picture. If the photo you are using belongs to someone else, you may be committing copyright infringement if you upload it and share it without securing consent.

    Privacy Violations

    Posting photos without permission is a violation of their trust and may lead them to taking legal action against you. Do not post picture of children without their parent’s permission. Facebook has authority to remove photos that contain explicit content, hate speech, personal attacks or depictions of harm, violence or illegal drug use.

    No Technical Restrictions

    There are no restrictions from Facebook to stop you from uploading photos. Facebook does offer people the opportunity to remove objectionable photos after they have been posted by filing a copyright infringement claim or report abusive content.

    Get Permission

    You are not required to secure permission before posting a photo, but it is a good idea to ask permission from the other people appearing in the photo whenever a photo depicts someone in a potentially embarrassing or upsetting way. It is also a good way to ruin a good friendship.

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  • 10 Social Media Content Ideas for your Small Business

    On: September 14, 2017
    In: Social Media
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    Trying to figure out what content to post to your social media doesn’t have to be time consuming. Take these ten ideas when deciding content:

    1. Video from an event! Social media users love video and they can be 10 to 15 seconds.
    2. Showcase your positive customer reviews and testimonials
    3. Announce an event or award you received
    4. Photos and spotlights on your employees
    5. Photos of employee pets
    6. Inspiration quotes or your company goals
    7. Do you do any charity work? Mention it on social media and be sure to include a picture.
    8. New product announcement or service you offer
    9. Take a vote on something your company does by asking your audience for their feedback
    10. Third party content. Don’t be afraid to use content from the web that relates to your business or service (research/product reviews)
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  • Is your social media marketing working? Here’s how to tell.

    On: March 22, 2017
    In: Branding, Google analytics, Social Media
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    To measure your social media marketing you do it in a similar way in which you analyze all your marketing strategies.

    Measuring your firms reach is one of the most important first steps in this process. Reach is how many people are exposed to your account/advertisement. How many followers your Twitter and Instagram have and how many likes on a Facebook page your firm has are great measurements of how much exposure you social media marketing is receiving.

    Next, you must look at the level of interaction from people who were reached. Social media marketing can be highly interactive, which in turn can increase your reach. You can measure this by the amount of clicks, shares, likes, reposts etc. These are easily measured and can be done by someone fairly inexperienced.

    Most importantly you must look at your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is dependent on your original marketing goal…why are you advertising? Your call to action can be increasing visits to a store front or website, increase sales, or even increase brand awareness. It is all dependent on the firm and what they need to better their business. Google Analytics is a free tool to help you analyze your conversion rate, but there are many others out there too.

    Just like any other type of marketing it is important to realize that this is a great way to advertise, but it’s also extremely easy to lose a lot of money and time. As long as you keep up on your reach, interaction, and conversion you should have no issues creating a cost effective social media campaign.


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  • Why do Consumers Purchase?

    On: February 8, 2017
    In: Marketing, Social Media
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    Consumers purchase different products and services to meet their goals. Their goals can range depending on the day or the hour. For instance one person’s goal can be to nail a job interview or it can be to look “cool” in front of some new friends. These two situations can change what a person is willing to purchase despite their attitude towards a product.

    Someone interviewing for a job may purchase a business suit at the store. Even if they may hate wearing business clothes they will be more likely to purchase them to meet their goal of receiving a job offer. On the other hand someone who wants to look “cool” in front of their friends that night might purchase a trendy new outfit. These competing goals can lead to different purchase decisions regardless of their personal preference.

    There are also many influences over consumers that affect how they will meet their goals. Some of the influencers over consumers include cultural influences and family and friend influences. Cultural influences depend on how someone was raised and where. For instance, in China the color white represents mourning; this cultural norm can cause someone to buy an all-white outfit when a family or friend passes. In the USA this view is the opposite, the social norm is to wear all black to a funeral.

    Family and friends can also change the purchasing behavior of a consumer. Consumer’s two main reference groups include family and friends. Depending on which group someone is trying to fit into will affect the purchase decision. For instance, if you are planning on being around your family you may feel more comfortable buying a pair of sweats to wear, but if you are going to be with friends you know you will be looked down upon for wearing them and will not purchase them.

    Your goals and other social influences can affect your purchasing behavior. It is important as a marketer to realize this and understand that consumers are not necessarily predictable. This is because their attitudes do not always align with goals and others in their reference groups leading to an out of ordinary purchase.

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  • Using Social Media to Increase Sales

    On: May 25, 2016
    In: Branding, Social Media
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    Just about everyone is using a form of social media today, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Many companies use social media to sell their products or services, however, there are certain sales practices for using social media to help increase sales.

    Social media is known for its “soft selling” approach, meaning most people are not online with the sole purpose of shopping and, therefore, they must be persuaded to buy your product or service. This depends on what you post and how you post it and the marketing strategies used to increase sales and keep your audience happy.

    The first most important strategy when using social media to increase business sales is finding the right channel. Research must be done to find your companies target audience so you know you are appealing to the right customers. Consider the following: Who are they? Where do they live? Where do they work? What do they do for fun? What kind of products or services do they purchase? Once you answer these questions you will have the right idea about who your target audience is.

    The second strategy is to produce and engage. In order to build trust, authority and an increasing online following, you will need to post quality content that will spark interest in potential customers often. The content must be informative and useful to viewers. Producing quality content is important, as is interacting with other bloggers, businesses and the audience. It is essential to “like” the comments and posts of others and to share other quality content that is relevant to your industry. Share opinions and popular topics on your social media portals so the audience can get to know your company. This will get the potential customers interested in buying.

    On social media it is important to show the value of your company and how your product or service will benefit your potential customers. You can push these benefits through infographics, demos of your service in the form of short videos, free trial offers and other promotional deals. This is an easy way to get potential buyers to look at what you are offering.

    The last step would be to persuade your potential customers to take action. This can be done by having a call-to-action in your posts and other areas of your profile. This presses users to make that step from the information stage to the buying stage. Connect your posts, advertisements and other icons to your website where you can bring them to the stage of potential purchasing.

    As you can see, the most important step when using social media to sell a product or service is choosing the right channel. Once this is done, every step you take on social media counts towards that “hard sell.” By following these simple steps your social media outlets have the potential to gain followers and increase sales for your business.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Instragram

    On: March 2, 2016
    In: Social Media
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    With over 300 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media sites out there. The site’s primary focus on posting pictures makes it user friendly. Rather than being bombarded with all different types of posts that seem more like novels, Instagram allows users to scroll through an uncluttered newsfeed of pictures with comments and short captions. The website makes it easy for people to capture a moment and instantly post it online for followers to see. With the ability to instantly post pictures, users can keep their profiles up to date and show people what is going on in their lives, but they can also instantly ruin their reputation. With the instant-ness of posting pictures comes the instant-ness of learning how to use Instagram the correct way.


    DO use a recognizable username. In order to have users successfully search you, you must pick a name that is memorable. It is important to keep it clear and concise in order to make it easy for users to find your account.


    DON’T forget to engage. By asking questions in your captions and responding to people’s comments you are staying active and keeping a relationship with your followers.


    DO connect your other social media accounts. When all of your accounts are linked it makes it easier for you to get your post out to all different audiences. By connecting your accounts, you allow your post to be viewed on all of your other social media accounts.


    DON’T post pictures of poor quality. No one wants to see blurry images of people who have red eye. Keeping your posting strictly to high quality pictures will make more people want to look at your pictures and continue to follow you.


    DO be consistent. Keep your profile up to date by posting pictures consistently. Stay in the loop by liking other users posts as well.


    DON’T post too much. Keeping information up to date is important, but posting too many pictures in a short amount of time could annoy followers and cause them to lose interest in your account. It is important to stay active but not to spam.


    DO use hashtags! These little guys go a long way. Using hashtags on pictures allows your picture to show up when the hashtag is searched. So use appropriate hashtags and your posts will most likely get more views.


    DON’T use hashtags that are not relevant to your post. If you are posting a picture of your cat do not use hashtags like #sunset or #travel in order to get more views. No one likes a user who abuses hashtags. #nothanks



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  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Facebook

    On: February 5, 2016
    In: Social Media
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    Good ol’ Facebook, pretty much the poster child for social media. The website is used by millions of people from all different age groups. From my grandpa liking just about every picture that I am tagged in, to my cousins overseas who I only get to see over Facebook, ‘Facebooking’ is appealing to all. Because Facebook is so popular and used by a plethora of people, it is important that it is used correctly. More people than you realize are watching you via Facebook, so it is imperative to portray an image that is appropriate.

    DO consider what other people want to hear. Simply ranting on about something that none of your Facebook friends want to hear could lead to readers ignoring your posts, or even worse, deleting you as a friend.

    DON’T post long extended statuses that no one wants to read through. We all have busy lives, and do not necessarily want to sit down and read a post that takes up half of our day. Keep posts short and to the point in order to make them most effective.

    DO proofread. If posts are filled with spelling errors and the grammar of a second grader, the chances of people taking you seriously are slim.

    DON’T share anything that you would not want the public to know about. The audience of your posts may be much broader than you think, be cautious when posting personal information about yourself or others.

    DO network! Facebook makes it so incredibly easy to stay connected to people all over the world. So add that friend from high school you haven’t seen in 20 years, they may have opportunities for you that you never would’ve imagined.

    DON’T be creepy. This one pertains to the rule above—network—yes add that friend from high school, but don’t add your friend’s sister’s son or your daughter’s roommate’s cousin who you have never met before.


    DO use Facebook to your advantage! The website may have a lot more to offer than you think. In today’s world social media is very prominent and is not going away anytime soon. Facebook can benefit its users tremendously, as long as it is used correctly.


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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

    On: February 4, 2016
    In: Branding, Online marketing, Social Media
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    Social Media—a term that is widely used in today’s world. It helps us stay connected with old friends, keep an eye on what our peers are up to, and can even now be used for job hunting.

     Social Media and its variety of websites can serve as a huge benefit for users. From political tweets with trending hashtags, to youtube videos providing DIY tutorials, social media can help with just about anything.

     Because pretty much anyone can dabble in the channels of social media, most people do not realize that there is an art to it. In fact, there are specific things that one can do in order to use social media to their advantage.

     This blog series offers an insight into how to use the multiple websites of social media. I have made quick lists of do’s and don’ts in order to make your life easier when it comes to social media.

     Enjoy!  Learn and Conquer!


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