Advertising vs. Public Relations

On: June 17, 2014
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Do you know the basic difference between advertising and public relations? Both are functions of a creative marketing campaign, and when used together, can be a powerful communications tool.


Advertising lets you tell your specific message to the market you want to tell it to.  For example, the jewelry store you represent is having a 50% off sale, so you buy an ad to reach your targeted audience.


PR is less tangible and opens up more areas of potential press coverage. You cannot buy press coverage, but you can offer journalists story ideas that match their beats and topics.  Try crafting a news release, like “Just in Time for Holiday Gift Giving — 50% Off All Jewelry.”


A lifestyle journalist searching for content for an article about holiday gift giving savings just may include your news in their article. Be creative. Provide appropriate news and story ideas that journalists will find helpful and you may see more of your clients in the news.

Katie Garber, Accounts and PR Services


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