Ad Campaign Reveals World Views on Women

On: October 31, 2013
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Don’t worry, I’m not going to go on a feminist rant right now about women’s rights. I simply want to share a powerful ad campaign created by UN Women–an arm of the UN that focuses on women’s issues.

The goal of this campaign was to emphasize the extent of global gender inequality. Creaters  collected data from a place most of us go on a daily basis: Google. Using Google’s most popular search terms, they compiled a list of popular phrases used to describe women. The results were shocking.

Seeing this sparked my curiosity, so I searched the same words in Google’s search and though I didn’t get all of the same results as what’s pictured in these ads, my results were just as surprising. Maybe you should try it and see how powerful this message really is.

Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer

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