6 Tips for Creating the Perfect ONLINE Portfolio

On: October 24, 2013
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Online Portfolio

Last week, I shared some tips with you about how to create the perfect design portfolio… this week I want to continue in our portfolio discussion, except for I’d like to focus on those daunting online portfolios! Here are some tips for creating a first class online portfolio that will impress future employers.

1. Choose Your Platform
Whether you’re a “web savvy” or not, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from when it comes to your online portfolio. You’ll nned to get a domain name, hosting and set up a site… if that all sounds too overwhelming, there are plenty of sites out there that will do it for you! Here are a few hosting sites that can help you out!

2. Be Selective
Just like with your physical portfolio, you don’t need to show everything you’ve ever designed. Be selective and only show off your best work.

3. Organize
Don’t just post your work in any old order… make sure you think about how your pieces flow and how they’re working in the order the viewer will see them in. Just as in your physical portfolio, your online portfolio tells a story, make sure your story flows smoothly and has a nice rhythm.

4. Update
I know it’s easy to forget about your online portfolio out there in cyber space, but don’t let it become low on your priority list. Keep it updated… you won’t impress anyone with a portfolio that hasn’t been updated in years!

5. Photograph Your Work
Displaying printed work online is always a challenge. You can post a digital version of your printed work, but taking a photograph in its actual printed form will do your work more justice.

6. Easy Navigation
With short attentions spans now days, you need an online portfolio that’s going to get people’s attention quick and that’s easy to navigate through.

  • Keep your design and layout simple.
  • Make the design of your site unique, something that will make your site stand out.
  • Have easy to find contact info – you want to make sure the people viewing your site know how to email you, follow you on Twitter, etc.
  • Consider including a “Hire Me” button… you don’t want there to be any question that you want people to hire you.

With tips for creating both a fantastic physical and online portfolio, you now have no excuse not to get that job you’ve always wanted. Good luck!

Kristen Oaxaca, Graphic Designer

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