5 Ways to Protect and Track Your Online Reputation

On: April 23, 2013
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What are people saying about your company?  Be pro-active when it comes to monitoring your online reputation by using these simple methods:

1)      Conduct an Online Search – Get in the habit of searching for your company or product online and see what you find.  Perform a general and news search to see what comes up.

2)      GoogleAlerts.com– This is an easy and effective tool for your company and the best part?  It’s free!  Sign up your company, service or product name with Google Alerts and you’ll be notified via email if Google finds a match with the key words you want it to find.  Also good for keeping an eye on your competitors.

3)      Glassdoor.com – This website includes anonymous reviews and ratings of a company written by employees and former employees.  A real eye opener!  

4)      SocialMentions.com – Enter your brand or product name and it will pull in results from across a series of websites including blogs, social media, etc…  You can sign up for email alerts as well for continued tracking.

5)      Rankur.com– This site claims to access millions of online blogs, online reviews, news posts, etc.  and provides you with charts, graphs and analysis.  The detail of the analysis depends on how much you want to pay, but they do have a basic analysis that is free.

With all these options, you have no excuse not to easily track and defend your business’s online reputation.


Katrina Noble, Media Director


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