5 Ways to Make Your Advertising Effective

On: August 13, 2013
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I think the key to effective advertising is how you perceive it, what your goals are and how you adjust your approach.   Below are five things that you should consider:

1)    Lower your expectations – I can’t tell you how many times I had a potential client tell me that advertising doesn’t work because they ran one ad or a radio spot over a week and didn’t receive any results.  Seriously, give your advertising a chance.  The objective of your ads should be to move people from awareness to trust to purchase.  Relationships take time.

2)    Cast narrowly – target your advertising to your best customer, not everyone.  If you are purchasing radio don’t buy an 18+ demo, it’s too large….look at your customer base and determine the most likely to purchase your product by age and sex.   A yogurt shop by a university is going to most likely attract Females 18-24.  If you are doing a Facebook campaign target female college students between the ages of 18-24 that live in your geographic area.

3)    Promote content – use your ads to promote something for free.  It could be a free eBook, How-To checklist and events that will help your potential customer learn.  This type of advertising lends itself to online banner ads.  Have a call to action, capture leads and gently (that is the key word) introduce them to your product or services.

4)    Measure everything – reviewing analytics and tracking what you do is the only way to determine what is working.  Keep monthly tabs on your sales, phone calls, web activity as it relates to your advertising campaign.

5)    Test, test, test – If you want to improve your results, you’ll need to look at fine tuning things like the headline, copy, doing a different call to action, switching out pictures, adding additional media to your mix or trying different media altogether.

Advertising is an investment.  Make sure you are getting a great return on it!

Katrina Noble

Media Director


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