• Marketing During a Crisis

    On: April 9, 2020
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    We are in the middle of a pandemic and all our businesses have been affected.  So how does your marketing adapt during this time?  The first thing you want to consider is how you want your business to be perceived not only now but when we go back to being “normal”.  You don’t want people to think your company was unemphatic or taking advantage of consumers during this time.

    The reality is that your advertising plans that were logical last month are probably not today.  If you arranged for automated messaging with emails, make sure these messages are still appropriate and if not, make sure they are pulled altogether.  I was getting emails from airlines telling me to book my dream European vacation today…really?

    Another realty is the economic impact of Covid- 19 to your business.  You may need to have to prioritize your budgets with fulfillment capabilities and your employees’ welfare.  If you have e-commerce sites, you want to let the public know you are open.  Your marketing strategy would be best served with a digital campaign instead of a drive-to-store campaign.

    The messaging is important more than ever right now.  It needs to display a sense that you are in tune with your customer and can instill trust and value to them.  Think less about advertising and more about being a helpful and useful service.  A lot of car dealerships are offering no payments for 6 months and low APR to encourage sales.

    Remember that the advertising you to do today, will help you to build trust and brand loyalty over the next year.  We can get through this!

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