• Tactics for a highly successful direct mail campaign

    On: June 7, 2019
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    Direct mail is not dead!   Including a traditional direct mail campaign into your marketing strategy can still be highly effective.   In fact, with more people opting to receive their bills via email the amount of mail has decreased making your direct mailer less likely to get lost in the pile.

    How can you make sure your direct mailer stands out in the crowd?   Here are some tactics:

    • Get Personal – when you take an individualized approach, potential customers feel like you really know them and understand their needs. Consider tailoring a specific offer toward a product or service that is most relevant to them.   Take the time to break down your direct mail list into niches and you will supercharge your efforts.   You will need to send out the direct mailer at least three times to reach your target audience.
    • Get Creative – the advantage of a direct mail piece is that it can be kept and referenced. Make sure your mailer includes all the information needed to get prospects to make the decision you want.  Images should be clear and attractive to draw attention.  Include testimonials to show why you are the clear choice over competitors.  Concentrate your message on how your brand will benefit the customer in terms of value, convenience and quality.
    • Have a call to action- make your call to action compelling, clear and concise. To draw attention to the call to action, put the message in a sidebar or postscript that is offset from the main body of your content.
    • Integration – integrate your direct mail strategy with other marketing efforts. Align your direct mail efforts with your emails, digital ads and social media promotions to build synergy.
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