• Don’t use these phrases when writing online content

    On: May 2, 2019
    In: News
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    When you are writing for online, your goal is simple and easy copy to understand.  Forget about the fluff and gain readers. Here are some “fluffs” to avoid:

    • Believe and/or Think –subjective words that indicate doubt, replace with know
    • Always and/or Never –seldom 100% true, use many or rarely instead
    • Often – be specific on how frequently something happens
    • Stuff – not only is this term unprofessional it is not specific enough
    • It and thing– both are non-descript, replace with the specific word you are referencing
    • Really or a lot –Omit this word and replace with a more accurate descriptor
    • Got – replace with obtained, received or earned, it just sounds better

    In addition to above, drop these words from your copy and your sentence will still have meaning (in order, just, that, then, completely, entirely, so, as a matter of fact, the thing is, absolutely, anyway, when it comes to).  Strive to improve your writing and use action verbs, less adjectives and omit overused phrases that don’t add to the meaning of your content.

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