• Why a business can’t (and shouldn’t) be everything for everybody

    On: April 1, 2019
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    If you want to build your business around a brand that will serve everyone, you will always fall short.  It is impossible to offer something that everyone will want and need all the time and even more impossible to please everyone.   Businesses make the mistake of wanting to offer too much in an attempt to gain more business.  What happens?  You run the risk of weakening your business proposition and brand promise by going too broad.

    A better approach is to become the expert in your chosen field and be the best at one or two things.  Pick your target customers that need your skills and are most likely to appreciate them.   The audience may be smaller, but your return on investment will be greater.

    Once you have determined your specific expertise for a specific customer base, always strive to evolve and improve your offering.   This will keep customer engaged and repeat purchases thus growing loyalty to your business.    Your goal is to understand what matters most to your current customers and what problems you solve for them to showcase your brand and value.

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