• How to choose the right social media marketing channel for your business

    On: March 7, 2019
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    The growth of the internet has really altered the way businesses can market themselves. Before choosing a marketing channel it is important to ask yourself some key questions to find the right fit.

    Determine which target market you want to reach and how your service or product will benefit them. The key is to use marketing channels to build relationships with these prospective customers.

    It is important to note that different social media channels will produce different results. Here is an overview:

    This is by far the biggest social media channel, and can be thought of as the “social” home for your business. Creating a business page for your company is a must, but remember that it needs to be updated on a regular basis with not only promotional information, but engaging and interesting content as well. Also, be aware that this platform does need a considerable amount of human and financial resources (advertising)

    Twitter is full of people with things to say, and you can listen! Twitter is meant for people you actually want to communicate with. You may think the 140 character count (or the amount of words you can tweet) is limited, but when used correctly, you can reap the rewards. Twitter is also a great way to connect with your customers. If you have an unsatisfied customer you will hear them on Twitter, and this is your chance to excel at customer service.

    If you want to reach women 25-45, and you have a visual product, this may be the social channel for you. If your business is image heavy –a photography studio, retail shop or an ecommerce site – then Pinterest for business makes sense. Once someone pins the image, the web address associated with that pin can serve to draw in new customers.

    Instagram is a photo-sharing program. What makes Instagram different from other photo-sharing programs is that it’s a free app which can be downloaded onto iPhones and some Samsung and Android devices. Instagram is great for products, pictures of staff and developments within your business, and using this social media channel can add the ‘we’re just human’ factor to your business. The majority of users are female between the ages of 18-35.

    LinkedIn is the largest social media network for business people and professionals but most small business owners still don’t have it on their marketing radar. Business owners are now realizing the value of this site and the opportunities to build relationships and sales leads. Approach this social media channel more seriously and assume that the users will want serious, professional and informative information. You can share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish yourself as industry experts.

    This social media channel is the most popular video oriented site with over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so having content here that is optimized to be found by someone looking for your product, service, or niche can boost your Search Engine Optimization) ranking. Also, videos are 50x more likely to appear on the first page of search results as part of the blended results that Google now shows.

    If your business can visually show how their services, products and employees are different from all the rest out there, this social media channel is a winner. Note the costs and human resources involved in producing good, valuable videos before signing your business up.

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