• Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019

    On: February 7, 2019
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    Are you wondering what’s in store for the digital marketing industry this year?  Here are 4 predictions from Kent Lewis, founder of Anvil Media:

    • Video will continue to be king. Personalized video will start replacing chat, mail and phone calls as ways brands communicate with their customers.  Video will also be used to create thank you, support and messages to customers.
    • Increased brand transparency and purpose will be driven by Generation Z as they age and their buying power grows. Companies need to think about their brand’s story and how to connect with this new consumer group. As voice search becoming more prevalent, this trend will affect Google search with a new campaign type.
    • SEO to be replaced by Answer Engine and Research Engine optimization. Websites will have to think about the best way to optimize to answer questions, allow for research or convert from search engine results pages directly.
    • Amazon becoming more of a search engine. This fact will create increased importance on SEO for product pages and promoted products that match a customers’ search query.
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