• The Advantage of Working with One Agency for all your Marketing Needs

    On: January 10, 2019
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    Having a successful campaign is the result of having a team of marketing professionals that work under the same agency.  Since the market down turn in 2007, there has been a misperception from clients that they can save costs by outsourcing their media and creative to different firms.  However, what ultimately happens is a breakdown in coordination, lack of communication and eventually results for the client.

    Here are the advantages of using one marketing firm:

    Collaboration – when you have the media and creative teams working together they have a much better understanding of not only what is needed and when but what is possible so everyone is starting on the same page with the same goals for the client.

    Efficiency – working with one firm is more efficient especially when you have last minute changes or needs. The client doesn’t have to coordinate with two different companies and worry about everything coming together.

    Interdependence – when the creative and media departments are under the same roof, you receive one seamless, integrated and effective team that can give your marketing the attention it deserves!

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