• How you can rise above the Facebook noise and get noticed!

    On: February 16, 2018
    In: News
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    With over 600 million brands on Facebook, it is getting increasingly difficult to be successful on Facebook Business pages as competition for attention increases and attention spans decrease. So what can you do?

    1. Test Your Messages- Did you know that Facebook tests every post to determine if it deserves to be given priority. If your page as 200,000 followers, Facebook will show the post to approximately 200 of them to test the engagement. If the engagement results are low, your post may end up at the bottom of audience’s news feed. So test every post by looking at positive and negative interactions, percentage of engagement, and click thru rates. After reviewing the numbers, identify areas that need improvement and test again.
    2. Let others be early adopters – Let others test new and risky strategies with any new features and products Facebook rolls out. Learn from their mistakes and don’t waste your precious time and money.
    3. Be real – Write content that is engaging and inspires emotion. No easy task! Remember you have to grab a person’s attention in less than a second and stop them from scrolling past your post. Story-driven posts do particularly well over a post that just has an offer. Blame it on those cat videos!
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