• 10 Social Media Content Ideas for your Small Business

    On: September 14, 2017
    In: Social Media
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    Trying to figure out what content to post to your social media doesn’t have to be time consuming. Take these ten ideas when deciding content:

    1. Video from an event! Social media users love video and they can be 10 to 15 seconds.
    2. Showcase your positive customer reviews and testimonials
    3. Announce an event or award you received
    4. Photos and spotlights on your employees
    5. Photos of employee pets
    6. Inspiration quotes or your company goals
    7. Do you do any charity work? Mention it on social media and be sure to include a picture.
    8. New product announcement or service you offer
    9. Take a vote on something your company does by asking your audience for their feedback
    10. Third party content. Don’t be afraid to use content from the web that relates to your business or service (research/product reviews)
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