• The Role Advertising & PR Play in the Fashion Industry

    On: March 9, 2016
    In: Public Relations
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    Being known in the fashion world is of vital importance. You can make yourself known through effective advertisement and public relations. Advertisements and public relation can get your foot in the door and make buyers eager to get their hands on your designs. To achieve ideal effectiveness, you must tailor your efforts to the fashion industry, using proven techniques.

    Perhaps the most important aspect for your company is its credibility. The public relations department takes responsibility for the techniques used to establish and maintain the companies’ credibility. Missteps can make a company seem less than credible. For instance, when Ralph Lauren used an emaciated model for their advertisement, there was uproar about the image the company was trying to form for itself and whether or not Photoshop had anything to do with it. When missteps like this occur, public relations workers can step in and do damage control to get the company back on its feet and back into the good graces of the public.

    Image is what the consumers see and decide whether or not they like what you are putting out. This is where the importance of the demographic comes into play. Fashion marketers can tailor advertising to appeal to a specific audience that would wear their clothing. For example, if a company adopts a rock-and-roll image, it would be beneficial to advertise in music industry magazines where readers would most likely adopt the same image.

    Fashion industry advertisers have a challenge, as they must find the fine line. Many advertisers attempt to shock the audience in an attempt to bring the company into the public eye. This practice can be proven effective; however, it can also be risky. If the advertiser steps over the fine line, there is the risk of alienating the target audience and potentially losing buyers who bring funds to the company. Many companies choose attention-getting images to get the audience’s attention, but it is always necessary to uphold credibility and keep the image of your company stable.

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Instragram

    On: March 2, 2016
    In: Social Media
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    With over 300 million users, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media sites out there. The site’s primary focus on posting pictures makes it user friendly. Rather than being bombarded with all different types of posts that seem more like novels, Instagram allows users to scroll through an uncluttered newsfeed of pictures with comments and short captions. The website makes it easy for people to capture a moment and instantly post it online for followers to see. With the ability to instantly post pictures, users can keep their profiles up to date and show people what is going on in their lives, but they can also instantly ruin their reputation. With the instant-ness of posting pictures comes the instant-ness of learning how to use Instagram the correct way.


    DO use a recognizable username. In order to have users successfully search you, you must pick a name that is memorable. It is important to keep it clear and concise in order to make it easy for users to find your account.


    DON’T forget to engage. By asking questions in your captions and responding to people’s comments you are staying active and keeping a relationship with your followers.


    DO connect your other social media accounts. When all of your accounts are linked it makes it easier for you to get your post out to all different audiences. By connecting your accounts, you allow your post to be viewed on all of your other social media accounts.


    DON’T post pictures of poor quality. No one wants to see blurry images of people who have red eye. Keeping your posting strictly to high quality pictures will make more people want to look at your pictures and continue to follow you.


    DO be consistent. Keep your profile up to date by posting pictures consistently. Stay in the loop by liking other users posts as well.


    DON’T post too much. Keeping information up to date is important, but posting too many pictures in a short amount of time could annoy followers and cause them to lose interest in your account. It is important to stay active but not to spam.


    DO use hashtags! These little guys go a long way. Using hashtags on pictures allows your picture to show up when the hashtag is searched. So use appropriate hashtags and your posts will most likely get more views.


    DON’T use hashtags that are not relevant to your post. If you are posting a picture of your cat do not use hashtags like #sunset or #travel in order to get more views. No one likes a user who abuses hashtags. #nothanks



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