• Why is PR important?

    On: February 24, 2016
    In: Public Relations
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    Public relations have become one of the most effective ways to build a brand. PR is vital when it comes to maintaining an organizations image and properly communicating its message to its customers, investors and general public.

    PR is based on setting up ongoing relationships with influencers and their audiences to advance, promote and benefit the reputation of yourself and your business. Having the right PR team is essential for maintaining or improving the reputation of your company. The goal of PR is to communicate your message in order to gain advocates and supporters in the community. PR professionals must be familiar with the attitudes and concerns of their audience in order to establish and maintain working relationships that will lead to the achievement of an organization’s objectives.

    How does PR work?

    Public relations manage information from an organization to the public. PR begins by identifying a target audience and tailoring every message to appeal to that specific audience. PR chooses several tools for tailoring the specific message the company wishes to send to their targeted audience. Some of these tools used for carrying out public relations are media relations, newsletters, special events, sponsorships, community relations, philanthropy, etc.

    Through the use of these tools PR can address several broad objectives. PR helps in building product awareness. Media placements and special events can be used to generate consumer attention toward a new or existing product. PR helps in creating interest about a company and its product through promotional releases and articles. PR can be used to provide customers with more thorough information about the company and product. PR delivers information to customers through newsletters and websites to help gain understanding. An important aspect of PR is reinforcing the brand. This is used to maintain positive relationships with the target audience and building a strong image, which can help in times of crisis.

    Is PR right for your business?

    Skilled PR professionals offer many advantages for organizations. PR professionals have the ability to tell a good story about a company and what it is selling to its’ audience. The story is what will influence the targeted audience and form the point of view for your company. PR professionals have knowledge of the media market and an understanding of where to position these stories in the best way that will target media reporters. If your business is able to evaluate ‘what is news worthy’ then PR will help it look more influential, bigger and more important to the community.

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  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Twitter

    On: February 17, 2016
    In: News
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     Whoever said big things come in small packages was right when it comes to Twitter. Twitter’s tiny 140-character limit packs a small but mean punch. The website is practically the pioneer for social media websites keeping things ‘short and sweet.’ This reason is exactly why Twitter has gained so much popularity. Its short tweets allow users to get their point across quickly and read other peoples opinions without actually having to take time out of their day to do so. In a world where 140 characters goes such a long way, it is important to use those characters wisely.

     DO be active on Twitter. Keep up with posting, favoriting, and rewteeting. In order to stay relevant, it is important to make your presence known.

     DON’T tweet anything when you are not in the right state of mind. Whether you are under the influence or extremely emotional, remember that anything you post exists forever, so make sure you are not posting anything that you will regret.

     DO offer a descriptive bio of yourself. Users will most likely take into account what you are tweeting about if they know whom you are and what you do.

     DON’T tweet just for the sake of tweeting. If you are bored, don’t look to Twitter to fix it. Tweeting aimlessly without meaning may make people not want to listen to you and eventually unfollow you.

     DO make your profile public. In order to get yourself heard, you must keep your profile open to the public. Besides, if you are smart about what you are tweeting, why wouldn’t you want the public to see it?

     DON’T tweet offensive things. Tweets are public and can never be completely erased. Mad at your significant other or unhappy with your job? Save it. Don’t tweet out of anger.

     DO retweet and favorite tweets from your favorite celebrities or public figures that you admire. Who knows they may favorite one of your tweets one day!



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  • The Do’s and Don’t’s of Facebook

    On: February 5, 2016
    In: Social Media
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    Good ol’ Facebook, pretty much the poster child for social media. The website is used by millions of people from all different age groups. From my grandpa liking just about every picture that I am tagged in, to my cousins overseas who I only get to see over Facebook, ‘Facebooking’ is appealing to all. Because Facebook is so popular and used by a plethora of people, it is important that it is used correctly. More people than you realize are watching you via Facebook, so it is imperative to portray an image that is appropriate.

    DO consider what other people want to hear. Simply ranting on about something that none of your Facebook friends want to hear could lead to readers ignoring your posts, or even worse, deleting you as a friend.

    DON’T post long extended statuses that no one wants to read through. We all have busy lives, and do not necessarily want to sit down and read a post that takes up half of our day. Keep posts short and to the point in order to make them most effective.

    DO proofread. If posts are filled with spelling errors and the grammar of a second grader, the chances of people taking you seriously are slim.

    DON’T share anything that you would not want the public to know about. The audience of your posts may be much broader than you think, be cautious when posting personal information about yourself or others.

    DO network! Facebook makes it so incredibly easy to stay connected to people all over the world. So add that friend from high school you haven’t seen in 20 years, they may have opportunities for you that you never would’ve imagined.

    DON’T be creepy. This one pertains to the rule above—network—yes add that friend from high school, but don’t add your friend’s sister’s son or your daughter’s roommate’s cousin who you have never met before.


    DO use Facebook to your advantage! The website may have a lot more to offer than you think. In today’s world social media is very prominent and is not going away anytime soon. Facebook can benefit its users tremendously, as long as it is used correctly.


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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

    On: February 4, 2016
    In: Branding, Online marketing, Social Media
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    Social Media—a term that is widely used in today’s world. It helps us stay connected with old friends, keep an eye on what our peers are up to, and can even now be used for job hunting.

     Social Media and its variety of websites can serve as a huge benefit for users. From political tweets with trending hashtags, to youtube videos providing DIY tutorials, social media can help with just about anything.

     Because pretty much anyone can dabble in the channels of social media, most people do not realize that there is an art to it. In fact, there are specific things that one can do in order to use social media to their advantage.

     This blog series offers an insight into how to use the multiple websites of social media. I have made quick lists of do’s and don’ts in order to make your life easier when it comes to social media.

     Enjoy!  Learn and Conquer!


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