• Getting the most out of your email subject lines

    On: November 19, 2015
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    You’ve been good all year, gathering customer emails and planning for that big email blast to promote your holiday specials.  Don’t blow it now by sending an email with a weak subject line.  People are inundated with emails and the subject line your write will determine whether they will bother to open your email or hit the delete button.

    Here are some recommendations to assist you in creating more engaging subject lines that will lead to a higher open rate of your emails.

    Avoid Sale Terms – words such as “free” tend to trigger spam filters and may end up in the trash before your target even gets a chance to see them.  Other words to avoid are help, percent off or reminder.  They are so overused; consumers tend to completely ignore them!

    Get Personal – personalize your email message with the recipient’s first name to improve open rates

    Don’t use the same subject lines – Sure your first newsletter had a high open rate but they will decrease over time with the same subject line attached to them.  Keep your content fresh for each campaign to keep interest up.

    Keep it short – Short attention spans are abundant and people like brief, to the point subject lines so they can immediately determine if they are interested.  Subject lines should be no more than 50 characters.

    Tone it Down– Avoid using all capital letters or exclamation marks in your subject line.  It has a shouting effect that consumers don’t like.   Subject lines that are framed as questions often have higher open rates.

    Keep it short, descriptive and give the recipient a reason to open your email and you will have your most successful email campaign yet!

    Katrina Noble, Media Director

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