• What’s Your Color Profile?

    On: June 24, 2015
    In: Design
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    As a senior graphic designer, choosing the correct color system for my projects comes as second nature. However, when I first started out, things were a bit confusing. Why couldn’t I just create everything in CMYK? What the heck is a PMS color?!

    I found this great infographic that explains EVERYTHING you need to know before choosing the right type of color system for your next project. So whether you’ve been a designer for a while and just need a refresher or you’re just starting out and need some clarification… take a look at the difference between CMYK, RGB and Pantone.


    Kristen Oaxaca, Senior Graphic Designer

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  • Images Confusing You?

    On: June 18, 2015
    In: Design
    Views: 2244

    JPGs, GIFs, PNGs…
    what do they all mean?!

    How do I know when to use which?!

    If you’re frustrated with different file types and knowing which one to use for your different projects, check out the infographic below for some file type trivia and tips that will help you make the right decision!

    FileTypesKristen Oaxaca, Senior Graphic Designer

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  • Ways to Promote Your Business Online

    On: June 3, 2015
    In: News
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    You are not along when trying to figure out ways to promote your business, turn your business’s news into publicity, get noticed and secure more customers through an online press release.

    Online news releases allow you to put your business name on search engines which is the where customers look first. Online releases provide a broader reach than email marketing and help get your business name to the top of a Google page!

    Can’t think of anything “newsworthy”? Here are some ideas:

    1. Next time you win an award or have a major accomplishment – tell everyone about it!
    2. Share a story of inspiration…readers love to hear about people going the extra mile, overcoming adversity or a success story
    3. Educate consumers about your latest initiative, event, product or service. Frame it against a common misperception.
    4. Go green – people like businesses that help the environment
    5. Your recent event was a big hit ~ share who attended, the highlights…
    6. Announce a contribution to a charity
    7. Share new market studies, research, surveys or polls ~ everyone loves stats
    8. Provide helpful hints
    9. Promote your event or team sponsorship will connect you to customers looking for the team & event online
    10. Debunk a common myth related to your business and brand your business at the same time

    Katrina Noble
    Media Director

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