• Three Things Needed for R.O.I. on Your Ad Dollars

    On: November 2, 2011
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    Jim Arnold, former GM of KOLD-13 and TV consultant and I agree that there are three things that always make for a successful advertising campaign. The first is consistency. If you’re not committed to a year’s schedule then save your money. Short-term advertising schedules have a proven  high failure rate because building awareness overnight is nearly impossible in these days of message overload and high media costs.

    Next it’s best to commit to one medium rather than splitting your media choices. Unless your Geico Insurance company it’s  better to concentrate your precious ad dollars rather than spreading across multiple media channels. Even major brands concentrate their ad dollars and so should you.

    Finally a minimum frequency of three messages is needed per viewer/listener/reader. Research says your audience must see, hear or view message at least three times before you can penetrate their consciousness.  A frequency rate of more than three is always better. In fact some advertisers have a frequency target of nine messages.

    In summary to get an R.O.I. on your ad dollars be sure to commit to a long term plan, focus your ad dollars and remember just like a boxer throwing punches, that frequency is king.

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