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    On: January 7, 2009
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    Questions were prepared by Kristy Litten, a University of Arizona student majoring in Communication with a minor in Marketing. Answers were supplied by Michael Bolchalk, President and Elaine Nathanson, Director of Public Relations of Bolchalk FReY Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

    Q. How can a recent graduate set themselves apart in a competitive job market?

    A. A recent graduate can set themselves apart by being proactive in their industry of choice, and by obtaining knowledge about the companies that are within that industry. Also, join organizations to network within the field that you are interested in.

    Q. What is some insight about the advertising industry that young people don’t realize when entering the industry?

    A. The advertising industry is a very detailed-oriented job. Also, many people at the agency are normally involved in a single project in order to get many perspectives to create a great product.  It also takes much teamwork to produce a product on time and
    within budget.

    Q. What are some good companies to start out with in marketing?

    A. One avenue that can be investigated for marketing jobs is in higher education at community colleges and universities. These institutions have different departments within colleges that require marketing and PR work.  One can also look to non-profit organizations to start their marketing career however; many non-profits do not have the budgets to hire marketing type staff. It is also sometimes more difficult to transition from the non-profit sector into private and corporate businesses.

    Q. What are some of the steps that you take during the creative process to create a product?

    A. First step in this process is to know the goals of the expected outcomes, then do your research, develop your concept after looking at alternative solutions, and the final step in this process is to be able to measure results after the product or program is launched.

    Q. In today’s market what do clients seek in results of a campaign?

    A. Many clients seek interactive elements so they must become educated in this aspect and bring ideas to the clients that can produce optimal results.

    Q. What are some good interview skills for a graduate?

    A. The first great tip that will help you have a successful interview is having a good foundation of research on the company that you are interviewing for. So, when they ask you “what do you know about our company” you will be prepared.

    Another important tactic is identifying the employer’s competition. This will allow you to know who the competition is and how your prospective employer stacks up against its competition.

    Finally, it’s always best to promptly send hand written thank you note after the interview.

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