• As a client of Tucson Newspapers, what are the benefits you see to using their products and why do you continue to do business with them?

    On: November 11, 2008
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    1. The power and influence of the newspapers. People still read the news. TNI’s brethren in TV and Radio read the newspapers. Better yet they read their stories and broadcast them to their audiences.

    2. The power of their circulation, readership and reach is unmatched. Other than outdoor there’s no greater single day audience delivery among traditional media.

    3. TNI’s audience is upscale, educated and has purchasing power.

    4.  The power to get results. Now add their interactive component.  Put them all together and add a compelling message and bingo. You get results.

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  • What makes a successful media sale rep?

    On: November 4, 2008
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    What are the three biggest mistakes you’ve seen when approached by media sales rep soliciting your business?

    Lack of preparation. Not asking the right questions. More listening, less talking. Lack of follow-up.

    What do you think makes the biggest difference between an average and an exceptional sales rep?

    Good first impression. Involvement. Engagement. Connecting in some fashion. Find common ground (special interests, sports, hobbies, community involvement).  Then follow-up and follow through.

    When someone approaches you during a sales call, what’s the one thing you want to hear?

    How does your product fit for a particular client? For example, if I was targeting pregnant moms don’t come to me selling 100 proof whiskey. However, if you’re selling baby formula, you might have a chance for consideration.

    Who is the best  sales person you’ve ever worked with and what made them the best?

    One of the very best: Arte Moreno, who is owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  . Years ago he sold billboard space. He was very friendly, very professional and quite knowledgeable.  He would tell you if your creative message was right for his billboard medium. Over the years I learned that there are three rules for effective outdoor advertising: Be brief. Be bold. Be clear. We have won many advertising awards following this criteria.

    We have had some other media sales representatives who were and are very good. They’re friendly, reliable and knowledgeable. They are also very efficient with our time which we greatly appreciate.

    If I were in your shoes:
    1. Shop the client first before engaging the customer. Better yet become a customer.

    2. Shop their competition. Give them a tip on their competitor. Continue to give them tips and info that they are not getting from their resources.

    3. Don’t sell on your first visit. Connect in some fashion. Engage in some fashion. Don’t treat them like they are a customer, treat them like a client.

    4. Follow-up the first meeting with e-mail, personal thank you note, telephone call.

    5. Don’t be a pest but stay in constant touch: send newspaper clippings about things that pertain to your client’s business. Share market research. Share marketing intelligence about their competition.

    6. When you do get that second meeting bring donuts, Starbucks coffee, pizza or some goodie.

    7. Become an expert in something. Know more about that business subject than anyone else. Internet usage, selling techniques, research data, customer service, or a learn all there is to learn about a category: retail, automotive, home improvement, etc.

    8. Always say thank you and express it in more than one fashion.

    What I’m looking for:

    1. Educate me about your audience. How do people use the newspaper? How does your product fit with my product?

    2. How does your medium fit with my client’s products and services?

    3. How does your audience use your product?

    4. How do you add value to the equation?

    What you’re looking for:

    1. An opportunity to be heard.

    2. An opportunity to be considered.

    3. An opportunity to have an impact on your client’s business.

    4. Better yet a professional business relationship that might lead to personal friendship.

    5. Ultimately a sale will follow.

    Mike Bolchalk

    FAX: 520.745.5540
    326 South Wilmot Road, Suite C-200
    Tucson, Arizona 85711
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