Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting More “likes”

On: May 21, 2013
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You finally got around to creating a Facebook page for your business, but your posts aren’t getting any likes.   Securing more engagement can be simple to correct by avoiding these faux pas:

1)      Don’t ask questions that are too broad– having an open ended question will come across as rhetorical.  Instead ask a specific or multiple choice questions that will reflect your audience’s connection to your business.

2)      The tone is boring – yes, it’s your business page but it doesn’t mean you can’t put some personality into.  Show your human side and have fun.  

3)      Just posting text – add pictures that relate to your post or company to be more visually appealing to the audience.

4)      Too much selling – it is fine to pitch your services and products every so often but don’t over sell.  Fans expect news, tips and photos that go beyond your business. 

5)      Not responding – Make sure to interact with your fans so they know that their feedback and comments are appreciated. 

6)      Lack of offers –  your fans are looking for perks.  Be sure to reward them with exclusive contests, deals and insider offers to make them feel special. 

Katrina Noble, Media Director



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