What are people saying about your business on Social Media?

On: May 6, 2013
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Chances are that someone is talking about your business online and it is important to keep track of what is being said ~ the good, the bad and the ugly all have to be acknowledged.  Here are some easy ways to keep informed:

1)      Google Alerts– Set up your business name or owner name at googlealerts.com.   For result type, click on “everything” to receive email notifications whenever your business name gets mentioned on blogs and discussion sites. 

2)      Search Tools – use the search tools on social media sites to plug in keywords related to your company.  You will be able to pull up what’s being said in the social sphere about your business or industry.

3)      Monitoring Tools – Topsy, Trackur and Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud will scour all social media sites for your business mentions

4)      Schedule a regular time once per week  to check on mentions about your company

If you do find something negative about your business, be sure to address it immediately and attempt to make it right.  Look for opportunities to be appreciative as well and thank the people who provide positive feedback on your company. 

Katrina Noble, Media Director


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