Testing Your Email Campaigns

On: February 20, 2014
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In order to increase your email open and click-thru rates, you need to test your campaigns to determine what is working and what’s not working.  Here are some suggestions:

From Line– The sender line should always include your business name ([email protected]) in order for receiver to easily identify and not look like spam.

Subject Line – Keep yours to 50 characters or less

Tone – Here is where you can test different tones from serious, humorous to urgent

Content – Here is where you can test offers by varying amounts.  $20 off orders of $100 or more, 10% off order, or just have “huge savings”

Length – keep it short. Research shows word counts of 300 or less are more likely to get read.

Type size – 12 point text is preferred

Call to action – if your message is educational, be sure to include “read more” with click thru; if you’re selling a product or service, put “buy now” with click thru.

Layout – test your headline placement, copy and calls to action.  Avoid reverse type because it is difficult to read (white on black background).

Unsubscribe – your email must include the option to unsubscribe to be can-spam compliant.

Happy testing!

Katrina Noble, Media Director


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