FREE (well almost) Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses

On: May 29, 2013
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If your business is usually slow during the summer time, there is no reason to stop marketing even if you don’t have much of a budget.  Here are some easy ways to promote your business that won’t cost you anything but time:

  1. Send out a monthly email to existing customers with either a special offer or introduce a new product that just came in giving them the first opportunity to purchase.
  2. Register your business on free website directories including Google places, Yahoo places, Foursquare, City Search.  Use Google Maps Listing and Yahoo Local city listing.
  3. Create a business page on Facebook.  Register, build a profile, add friends and prospective customers
  4. Join industry forums and contribute to the online community. It is best to search industry keywords through online group websites like MSN, Google and Yahoo.
  5. Use Wikipedia, Wiki travel or other wiki sites where you can upload information about your product or service. Start blogging with free services like Tumblr, Word Press and Blogger. Include the blog/site name in your email signature or IM status.  Talk about your products and services.  Use e-How and other websites to write how-to articles related to your products.
  6. Put a company logo on the license plate or place a window sticker on the rear of your vehicle. Make sure it contains contact information that is clearly visible.
  7. Use Craigslist as a free online classified board to post your products. Craigslist is one of the top 25 websites that are visited in the world, take advantage of it!
  8. Attend as many meetings, and industry specific events as you can to know competitor as well as meet various prospective customers.   Hand out those business cards.
  9. Cross promote with neighboring businesses in your area.   

Katrina Noble, Media Director


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