Creative Spin on a Serious Topic

On: March 26, 2015
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At this time in the world, we have all been affected by war–whether we’ve fought in it ourselves or know someone who has. That being said, many of us know the very real and very serious effects it has on soldiers and their loved ones.

A few of my cousins have been members of the U.S. Military, one of which has been deployed 7 times and is still on active duty in the U.S. Army. Each time he is deployed, it takes a toll on both him and his family. Although deployment has different effects on different people, many members of the military develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

In a recent photo series, photographer Devin Mitchell captured the emotion and reality of soldiers with PTSD. It is amazing how, in a single photograph, Mitchell and his subjects have depicted such a serious topic. I love the use of mirrors to show the two sides of the story–the soldier life and the home life, what soldiers let people see and what they feel inside.

To see more of Mitchell’s photos, expanding beyond PTSD, visit












Kristen Oaxaca, Senior Graphic Designer

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  1. jwilson153 says:

    This is such a serious topic, and good for the author for taking the pictures and initiative to show people what it’s really like. I served five years in the Marine Corps and I have seen my fair share of suicides(more than I can count on my hands) and it’s sad we lose these great men and women. No matter how many programs are out there, it doesn’t matter if the right people don’t watch them. You need to know the signs, and act accordingly. There is no time to waste because any day could be that persons last. I hope society keeps up the hard work to help our military members out because if the government is willing to send our troops to war they better be willing to take care of them after.

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